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We are Cold Nose Companions.

Dog Training for Family Dogs

We are Cold Nose Companions.

Group Classes and Private Training

We are Cold Nose Companions.

Cold Nose Companions is offering group classes and private training for
manners and obedience
advanced skills
therapy work preparation
nose work
behavior modification

dogs with disabilities
…and many more

Group Classes

We offer a wide variety of group training classes for dogs of all ages. Classes range from behavior fundamentals to high reliability; special skills; and just for fun. Group training classes are a cost-effective and social way to achieve your training goals.

Private Training

Private training sessions are all about you and your dog. Perfect for tackling a behavior problem or accommodating a demanding personal schedule, private training gives you the one-on-one attention in our Center or your home.

Chill! for Reactive Dogs

Does your dog react embarrassingly loudly to other dogs or strangers on walks? If you worry about taking your dog out into public, Chill! might be the class for you.


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