Client Stories

We take pride in helping you and your dog achieve your training goals. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

I just felt like I needed to write you this because I feel its a HUGE accomplishment. Ashi has met a few new dogs, all of which with slow introduction he’s very friendly with. Last weekend we went to a people-filled car sock hop show. Wall to wall with people. We were able to walk through the crowd with no issue. No barking no jumping no lunging. He walked by my side, took treats and even let two new people pet him! From a dog who barked at EVERY person he saw to being able to walk calmly through a crowd? How exciting! Thank you so much for offering the Chill! for Reactive Dogs course to people. It’s a life changer!

Desiree Cole

“We now live in a peaceful home; it was the peace we anticipated when my fiancé moved to Cleveland with his seven-year-old Ollie. I expected that my 4-year-old Maddie, would absolutely be smitten with the handsome Ollie, because she had welcomed many a foster into my home, including my 3-year-old “foster failure,” Snoopy. Snoopy was excited about having Ollie as a big brother. Maddie and Ollie . . . well, oil met water. They could be nowhere close to each other without the possible result of spilt blood. I called Carol Peter. Thus began a three-week odyssey. Carol gave us clear instructions, and we gave her daily updates about progress and setbacks. Carol came back a week later to monitor the progress and help us with the next steps we needed to take. We religiously followed her instructions. Before our third appointment, all of our work suddenly paid off. After three weeks of hard work under Carol’s guidance, we now have the happy, peaceful, love-filled home we always knew we could have.”

Sheila Heyman and David Schwartz

“Just reaching out to you to let you know that Henry is doing GREAT after his training a couple months ago. He still reacts pretty strongly to strangers when they come over, but he is fantastic on walks. Though he is still feisty when people come over, he is definitely warming up to strangers a lot quicker than he used to, which is such a relief. I couldn’t believe that he actually let our new sitter pet him within 15 minutes of her being there. I even went on a walk without the treats the other day (oops, forgot to bring them) and every time a trigger came across, I just said “Henry, look at me” and he completely ignored them! I can now walk Henry and Annie by myself and it’s so great! I can’t stress how great he is on walks now. He hears that click and doesn’t even care about the trigger at all. Thank you SO much for all your help, you’ve made our lives SO much less stressful.”

Breanna May

“I cannot give Carol enough praise for her work with our Savannah. We had just lost our precious Lacey three months before her 15th birthday. Saw this little cocker puppy on a breeder’s website. She, the puppy, did not want to be a show dog which was the breeder’s plan. We brought Savannah home on her 9-month birthday. She ate the rocker, her crate, my husband’s tubing and computer cord. We tried taking her to group classes, not with Cold Nose Companions. Disaster. Our dear friend had recommended Cold Nose. I called Carol and asked if she would come to our home and she has. She is so awesome. She has cleared up or at least lessened several issues Savannah brought with her at adoption. Savannah loves Carol and my husband and I do too. She is incredibly professional, very well organized and her love of Savannah and all dogs is very obvious. She is also extremely knowledgeable. It was a lucky day for us when we found Carol. I would give her the highest rating possible and would be happy to serve as a reference for her.”

Lauren Spaar

“We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience in our recall class. Your facility is beautiful and your attitude and approach to students and their humans very positive and supportive. It was one of the best training experiences we’ve had to date, thank you Carol! :)”

Beth & Pete Wade

“We rescued a badly abused dog. Her behavior was a constant source of worry because she had a bite record. Carol came to our house and worked with Jett and her sister, Shiva. We learned how to work through both of our dogs’ strengths toward their weaknesses. We were able to take our dog family on vacation and monitor their behavior using positive reinforcement and we all had a wonderful time. This would not have been possible without Carol’s expertise.”

Ellen & Bruce Kulgowski

“Kodiak and Kenai have been doing very well and we credit the majority of Kodiak’s success with life in general to his time in Chill class with you. Carol you would be so proud of him! He has productive walks where he is happy and able to ignore stimuli that used to really upset him. We even had a greeting with the cats on the other side of our gates earlier today and he was just trying to smell them not eat them! He loves working on his commands and has a solid idea about boundaries too.”

Becky & Joe Gellott

“Carol is wonderful. She came and helped us with our pack of 4 Labradors. One of our labs “Lilly” started fighting/reacting with other dogs at age 3. She had never done this before and we really enjoyed having barbeques in our backyard with our friends and their dogs and going for walks. Our friends started having to leave their dogs at home because Lilly would beat them up. Walks were bark fests. With Carol’s expertise and training ideas we have been able to reintroduce dog parties to our yard and go for walks without barking and fights. Thank you, Carol!”

Joe & Kelly Beck (and Riley, Lilly, Haley, and Bailey)

“I had to update you on Winchester. He walked right past a highly energetic two year old lab mix at the vet. He was inches away from her. He didn’t look at her, though he did sniff her before the exam. This would not have happened before chill class. Weeks ago he would have lunged at her with his teeth bared. I just had to thank you for creating the (Chill!) class.”

Courtney & Bill Mathews

“We have a 17-month old very energetic English Springer Spaniel. Carol came to our home for four (4) visits and did a fabulous job! Our Moosasha is now much better behaved; she exhibits great skills when we head out for a walk with the leash, and she does very well in areas where we were having trouble (like jumping up and greeting people she knows, or being shy with those she doesn’t). We have heard comments like “wow, Moosasha has really calmed down” and “she is so well-behaved”. Those comments are true testimonies to Carol’s great work with her. She is very knowledgeable and also understands the big picture; in our case, we needed to be trained too! I would STRONGLY recommend Carol if you are considering using a Dog Trainer. She is wonderful and we were so glad we sought out her services!”

Martine Scheuermann & Marty Culbertson

“We have two dogs (a 4-year-old terrier mix and a 1-year-old lab mix) that needed remedial training to correct some behavior issues: jumping on guests, walking properly on a leash, coming when called, etc. Carol encouraged us to conduct the training at our home, instead of going to a training facility. This allowed her to observe our dogs as they truly behave in their normal environment. The training Carol did was right on the money – she showed us to how to use positive reinforcement to get the results we wanted. The three sessions (and the homework!) were great for the remedial training we needed. Our friends and neighbors have commented that our dogs are so much calmer now. I would highly recommend Cold Nose Companions to anyone who is training a new puppy or dog, or someone who wants to have a refresher course with their pet.”

Denise Reynolds

“Carol actually exhibited all of the attributes we had to choose from. She was very personable, creative and a good value too. Her dog training techniques started to show results from day one. Carol has the unique ability to communicate the “how’s” and “why’s” in such a manner that they are easily understood and executed after each lesson. Her lessons, “leadership style” format, homework instructions and training brochures were to the point and excellent resources for us. Carol was a total pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone wanting a better experience with their pets.”

Julie & Jim Schmitz

“Rosie, a joyously obstreperous Border collie mix, adopted as a puppy a year and a half ago, remains a work in progress. We like to say she’s had more education than our four children put together. So far, we’ve worked with five trainers – all of them terrific. Each brings something special to the task. Recently I asked Carol to come to the house and help me get Rosie ready for upcoming appearances as the PetFix mascot. We’ve been working on meet and greet (a real challenge for this mouthy girl who still pees when she gets excited), shake, high five, and bowing. In between we spend time re-enforcing skills Rosie needs for her agility and rally obedience classes. Watching Carol shape a behavior in record time is both humbling and inspiring. Of course, as we all know, the real challenge is training the person, not the dog, and Carol is doing a great job of teaching me to communicate with Rosie so she knows what it is I want her to do. Most of all, we have fun. That hour of learning with Rosie and Carol is a highlight of my week.”

Timy Sullivan

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