Leave the Training to Us

   When you "leave the training to us" you are getting the maximum benefit of the trainer's extensive experience.

   This approach, also called "day training," means that we do all the work to create and make reliable the desired behavior through

   daily training sessions. You do not even need to be present when the training takes place. We work directly with your dog for three

   consecutive days. Then we show you how to maintain the behavior in a "transfer" session. A subsequent follow-up session ensures

   the behavior remains reliable and your are satisfied. Each session lasts about one hour.

   Day training is a concentrated approach that is ideal for:

  • Time-starved owners who just want a well-behaved dog
  • Owners who are overwhelmed with their dog's problem behavior
  • Owners with limitations that impact the training process

   Sessions are $90 each and lasts about one hour.. For a typical day training engagement of three consecutive days, a transfer session,
   and a follow-up session, the cost is $450. Depending on the range of behaviors you want trained, we may recommend a second
​   week of training.

   Coaching You to Train Your Dog

   When we "coach you to train your dog," you're in the drivers seat.

   We will explain how your dog learns and how we teach the behavior you want. Next, we demonstrate the training procedure. Then
   we coach you on how to do the training. We provide written training sheets and activity guides so you can continue training sessions

   between our visits. Each session lasts about an hour.

   This is a more conventional training process, and is ideal for:

  • Owners who enjoy training and working with their dog, and just need help getting started
  • Owners who can commit the time for daily practice sessions with their dog
  • Owners who want everyone in the household to participate in the training


   We can work on an open-ended, session-by-session basis at $90 per session. Or choose a 4-session package for $340. Sessions last
   about one hour. Sessions at our Training Center are $75.

Private Training

Private training is all about you and your dog. You get:

  • 100% of the trainer's time and attention
  • A customized training plan with support materials
  • One-on-one coaching for you and all members of your household
  • ​Sessions conducted in your home or our Training Center

We offer two types of services to fit your needs and preferences. Call us at 855.286.DOGS (3647) to discuss which service is right for you.