We offer group classes and private training to meet most training goals. Call all us at 855.286.DOGS (3647) to discuss if private training is right for you.

Group training classes are a fun and social way to train your dog. Work in the comfort of our spacious, climate controlled Training Center in Chardon, Ohio.

  • Wide range of classes: household manners, recreation, certification, special skills, reactivity
  • Classes taught by experienced trainers with a commitment to positive reinforcement training methods
  • Cost-effective way of achieving your training goals

Visit our Group Training Classes page for details on classes offered.

Private training is all about you and your dog.

  • 100% of the trainer’s time and attention
  • A customized training plan with support materials
  • One-on-one coaching for you and all members of your household
  • Conducted in your home, our Training Center, or remotely using web-based tools
  • Private in-home training is offered within a 20-mile radius of Chardon, Ohio

We offer three types of services to fit your needs and preferences. Visit our Private Training page for more information.​​

Behavior Assessment
Complex behavioral challenges are best addressed with a customized training plan to address the behavior you are experiencing.

  • The process begins with completing a detailed behavioral questionnaire and returning it to us prior to your appointment
  • We will schedule an on-site or remote Behavior Assessment and consultation lasting up to 90 minutes 
  • We follow that up with a report detailing our Assessment and Recommendations for remediating the behavior
  • That report is discussed with you by phone and we will agree on next steps and the most appropriate service for your situation
  • The Behavior Assessment and subsequent Assessment and Recommendations report is $150 and subsequent training will be quoted as part of your customized training plan

Contact us to set up a behavior assessment.

Specialized Behavior Modification

Separation Anxiety impacts over 17% of dogs in the United States alone. It wreaks havoc on the lives of both dog and guardian alike. It is not easy to work with, and having the support of a specialized trainer can make all the difference. Carol Peter offers an in-depth, customized program to help you and your dog overcome this heart-wrenching behavior disorder. Visit our Separation Anxiety page for more information.

Reactivity: Our Chill! for Reactive Dogs class has been helping dogs and their owners tackle reactive behavior for more than six years. This class is best suited for dogs who have emotional reactions to some trigger (other dogs or people, in particular) at a distance of 10 feet or more. That reaction can be motivated by any number of reasons and usually looks aggressive as the dog barks, lunges, and perhaps, growls. If we deem that a dog is not a good candidate for our Chill! class, we will discuss private training options with you. Visit our Chill! for Reactive Dogs page for more information.