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Thank you for your interest in our Chill! for Reactive Dogs class. We understand how helpless and embarrassed you can feel to have a dog that reacts loudly and seemingly aggressively to other dogs or strangers. In this six-week class, you will learn the technique how to help your dog and handle them confidently in public. You will understand and manage your dog’s environment and behavior for peaceful interactions with people and dogs. The class uses positive reinforcement clicker training methods to modify behavior. We maintain a limited enrollment for this class so you have a high degree of personal attention from the instructors. Because we limit the enrollment in each class, we review each dog’s behavior profile carefully and speak with each owner in advance to ensure the class composition is conducive to the best experience for you and your dog. Please complete the attached profile and click the Submit button. We will call you within 72 hours to discuss your goals for your dog and their current reactive behavior before completing your registration for the class.

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