Chill! for Reactive Dogs

What is Chill! for Reactive Dogs?

Are you dreading going for a walk with your dog because they react by lunging and barking when they see another dog or strangers? Are you often feeling out of control and embarrassed on walks because of their reaction? If that sounds familiar, Chill! just might be the class for you and your dog.

If you think your dog will be a good fit for Chill!, please complete a Profile for him or her and we will be in touch.

More About Chill!

This intensive six-week class will help your dog learn how to maintain his/her composure in the presence of others and behave in non-aggressive ways. The registration fee is $300 and will entitle you to up to two one-on-one follow up sessions at the reduced rate of $50 to ensure you are ready to continue your behavior modification work on your own.

You will learn how to handle your dog confidently in public and manage your dog’s environment and behavior for peaceful interactions with people and dogs.

Class enrollment is capped at six dogs. The class uses positive reinforcement clicker training methods to modify behavior. All participants receive a high degree of personal attention and one-on-one coaching.

If you feel you still need more work after Chill! for Reactive Dogs, we now offer Chill! Work Sessions once a quarter for any Chill! graduate. Check the schedule on our Group Training Classes page.

Still have questions? Complete the Profile form and we’ll give you a call to discuss whether your dog is a good fit for Chill!

Here’s what some of our clients say about “Chill!”

“Just wanted to give you a quick update on Nala. This time last year I was so frustrated and helpless. Nothing was helping her reactivity and I absolutely dreaded going on walks. Your class was exactly what we needed and we have seen so much improvement. She responds so well to the clicker and I can finally say that I enjoy going on walks and am able to do so much more with her. We still don’t go anywhere without a clicker and treats. We are nowhere near perfect but taking your class gave us both so much more confidence and I’m excited to continue using the tools from your class to keep getting better. My boyfriend and I say everyday how grateful we are for you because it has seriously changed our lives. Thank you so much! We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a trainer. “

Anna Schaumburg

“Just reaching out to you to let you know that Henry is doing GREAT after his training a couple months ago. He still reacts pretty strongly to strangers when they come over, but he is fantastic on walks. Though he is still feisty when people come over, he is definitely warming up to strangers a lot quicker than he used to, which is such a relief. I couldn’t believe that he actually let our new sitter pet him within 15 minutes of her being there. I even went on a walk without the treats the other day (oops, forgot to bring them) and every time a trigger came across, I just said “Henry, look at me” and he completely ignored them! I can now walk Henry and Annie by myself and it’s so great! I can’t stress how great he is on walks now. He hears that click and doesn’t even care about the trigger at all. Thank you SO much for all your help, you’ve made our lives SO much less stressful.”

Breanna May

“Just wanted to let you know that progress with Foster has continued since our Chill! class ended, and I am VERY happy to report that our evening walks are becoming relaxing. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see this training in action, to see Foster handle a situation much better than I expected, and to feel we are working as a team. I have you to thank for that.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a little update and thank you again for a great class.”

Heather Ann

“I have taken your classes very much to heart and there is not a day that I do not try to get Toby’s walk in our schedule. He knows that too! I see improvement every day and I will never stop “practicing” what we learned from you! To be able to have a walk like we had today was so wonderful and we could not have done it without the “tools” that you taught us! I can not thank you enough for the gift that you have given us!”

Kellie Turner

“Kodiak and Kenai have been doing very well and we credit the majority of Kodiak’s success with life in general to his time in Chill class with you. Carol you would be so proud of him! He has productive walks where he is happy and able to ignore stimuli that used to really upset him. We even had a greeting with the cats on the other side of our gates earlier today and he was just trying to smell them not eat them! He loves working on his commands and has a solid idea about boundaries too.”

Becky & Joe Gellott

“I had to update you on Winchester. He walked right past a highly energetic two year old lab mix at the vet. He was inches away from her. He didn’t look at her, though he did sniff her before the exam. This would not have happened before chill class. Weeks ago he would have lunged at her with his teeth bared. I just had to thank you for creating the (Chill!) class.”

Courtney & Bill Mathews