A quick search of the App Store for any smart phone will return an overwhelming list of apps that claim to do everything from stopping your dog from barking to helping you find pet-friendly travel accommodations. This month, we start to compile a list of the most interesting, effective and favored smart phone apps for dog owners and trainers.

Tracking Information on Your Pets:

Pet Master Pro for iPhone or Android (Free)

With Pet Master, you can keep records and photos of all your pets, identification information, special needs and any medical issues, vaccinations, appointments, and even a daily log. You can also email your pet’s profile to others. This app was recommended to us by another trainer. I found it a bit clunky to set up my pets’ records, but after overcoming the initial hurdles, it worked fine. This app is very useful if you keep the pet’s information up-to-date. You’ll have those records with you wherever you go.

Training Tools:

ClickStats for iPhone or Android ($1.99)

This app is great for clicker trainers who want to take a measured approach to shaping behaviors with their dog. You identify the behavior you are teaching, use the touchpad clicker to mark a successful achievements by your dog, record misses, and then review your training stats for that behavior. Not happy with the results? Change your criteria and start again. We got several positive reviews on this app from other trainers.


Dog Park Assistant for iPhone ($0.99)

Sue Sternberg is the creator of this app, and while Sue can be quite controversial (as can dog parks in general), this app is pretty straightforward and useful. It provides helpful information on what you as dog owner should be doing before taking your dog to a dog park, what to do when at a dog park, and what makes for a good dog park. The greatest value of this app, however, is the Behavior section which describes and categorizes dog behaviors into Red Alert, High Risk, Moderate Risk, Low Risk and Other Behaviors so you can interpret any potential risk by or to your dog. Videos are included. If you use dog parks, get this app!


If you have any smart phone apps you use for your pets, please let us know about them. We’d love to review them.